Savage Land



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Synopsis Young Luke and his sister Hannah are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime: a cross-country stagecoach adventure through the wild west! With a mysterious gunslinger (Vivian Schilling) and a beautiful singer (Charlotte Ross) along for the ride, it looks as though nothing can go wrong. But three bumbling bad guys, lead by the sinister Quint (Corbin Bernsen) have other plans. They know that the stagecoach is carrying a fortune in unregistered land deeds. With wealth, power and goldmines in the balance, nothing will stop these crooks... that is, nothing except the resourceful team of Luke, Hannah and the two ladies! With the help of Skyana (Graham Greene) and the local Indians, our traveling heroes successfully brave the elements, the bad guys and time in an exciting and inspiring classic adventure for the whole family.


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